Walking along my local beach in Findhorn I spied this joyful creation in the sand. I find it’s these simple things in life on the everyday can ‘lift’ us and bring a sense of peace and joy.

What brings you everyday simple pleasures of joy ? email me at

Across the globe

Sunday Laugh with Manda regular LY Zoom class at 4pm is always a surprise.Today 4 participants arrived from Hong Kong. I was so delighted to see a full class. I prefer the session to be participatory so everyone’s voice can be heard. So exercises like ‘what has been difficult this week has been ….’ and we all laugh. I stress we are not being cruel but turning around a ‘problem’ into not a problem. That is the power of laughter!!

Online training done!

Just finished the 10 hour laughter leader online training …wow ..some feedback from Alex ‘other skills I learnt was how to improve my interpersonal skills, my own laughter practice…it was life changing’ From Alex also ”excellent, enjoyable, factual, practical,and comprehensive and looking forward to implementing it in my school and club’ Alex and Veronique are below ..Veronique who is sharing ‘Mirror Laughter’ with us.

Loving it!

I am just completing my online laughter yoga leader training. It has been a great few days . I would recommend this wee course for anyone who wants to add to their ‘toolbox’ .You will learn transferable skills such as how to lead a relaxation, how to bring about more laughter in your life, and how to incorporate some laughter exercises within your -work environment. Train with me one of UK’s laughter ambassadors.!! It’s a hands on, very practical course.

Laughter Yoga Leader Online..10 hour training

Really enjoying the format of Zoom to carry on with my laughter leader trainings. Use this time to learn new skills like how to lead a relaxation, how to lead a laughter meditation, how to change habitual patterns and start a daily laughter practice. After this training you will be able to conduct your own class either online or in person. You will receive lots of support in terms of handbooks, music,research,logos,and an ‘e’ book.Transferable skills to improve you body, heart and soul.

Sunday Zoom laugh 4pm

Loving this new Zoom life where people are popping up from over globe and reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years. What I really like about my Zoom meet up is is it’s not all about me. Anyone who has been trained can lead an exercise. This leads to a more varied and dynamic experience. So send me an email for the link.

To coach or not to coach..that is the question

But seriously I have been thinking for a while that I would like an online presence.

I am one of of handful of UK’S Laughter ambassadors

I have trained hundreds of people at being laughter leaders that all the experience I’ve gained could be shared more globally. So the time has come to set up opportunities online so more people can be laughing more readily in their daily lives. If you feel you need more laughter in your life contact me . You will be given a questionnaire relating to how much or how little you laugh at the moment. We will work through a series of laughter exercises, breath practices, gibberish exercises [letting go] and you will be given a daily practice and tasks to fulfil by the end of the week. Goals and intentions will be set . Let’s get the laughter wheels working again.

Laughing when I’m not in the mood

At the moment I have been running a weekly laughter club at a Yoga centre for the last four months. Sometimes when I set off I really am not in the mood for facilitating laughter. But it’s like magic when I start my body laughing my mind follows. By the end of the hour long session ..yes you’ve guessed it I am lighter and brighter. Laughter Yoga is good medicine!

This photo was taken a few days ago showing Belly laughing in groups of 4 with the yogis I was teaching.

Laughter club

Forres community centre is hosting our laughter club. starting wed 3rd april 2pm and it is by donation .

My son Michael and I will be presenting laughter exercises and laughter meditation as well as relaxation. Just turn up!

Puppet laughter