Certified Leader Training

Nowadays I am offering two types of training, online training [ten hours] Please contact me for more details – Click here

plus a certified two-day training [in person]. Both of which  provide you with the skills needed to facilitate a group who wants to do some laughter . Often people who do it integrate into the work they are already doing with groups or individuals. It is endorsed by Laughter Yoga international and is certified .

Content of Training

A laughter yoga session in progress

Laughter leader basic facilitation skills: It is a ‘hands on’ course so there will be time over the 2 days to apply and practice with other group members…by the end of 2 days you will be taught amongst other things:

  • 40 foundation exercises
  • to lead laughter exercises breathing and clapping which accompanies them
  • to lead a laughter meditation
  • to lead a guided relaxation
  • benefits of laughter yoga and contraindications
  • history
  • concept

You will also be encouraged to be creative and devise your own laughter exercises

Who is it for?

Manda has noticed that this course attracts a wide range of people of all ages and cultures. They all come for their own personal reasons such as ‘wanting more laughter in my life’, ‘I want to include it in the work I do as a social worker’, ‘I’m teaching English and thought it would be a good skill to have’. ‘I am leading personal development groups and this will be great to add to my programme’


This training costs £150 which includes 60 page ‘e’ manual and certificate,music,’e’ book,research [you need to bring your own USB stick] It does not include food or accommodation. Each day is approx 10am -5pm. Manda’s training now mainly takes place in Findhorn,Highlands and Thailand.