About Manda

Manda has trained under the founder Dr Madan Kataria.She is one of  UK’s most active and experienced Laughter Yoga Trainers. She lives in the internationally acclaimed community in the Highlands of Scotland called Findhorn.

Manda with Laughter Yoga founder Dr Madan Kataria

Manda has been involved in the laughter movement for many years. She feels passionate about this ‘work’ and particulary loves training  others to be laughter leaders. It has made such a difference to her own life that she wants to spread it around. She loves nothing more that to see people empowered to do the work. After a training in London e.g one of the participants was that very evening leading a warm-up session with her choir members using laughter yoga exercises learnt during the weekend.

Manda goes every winter to Thailand to lead trainings in laughter Yoga. She has held sessions for young people, elderly people,Chinese businessmen, teachers… in fact a whole variety of folk.

She had been a teacher in schools for 20 years before taking up full time laughter work. She also runs a B&B in the Findhorn Community which comes in handy if she is running a residential two-day Laughter Leader course.

Her training style is relaxed and she is known for her warmth and informal manner. She creates a ‘safe’ place for people to practice their newly learnt skills.