Still laughing

Thailand Jan 2023

Oh no!

It was a big group about the happen. I was about to lead an hour long session of ‘Nourishing the Inner Child’ with storytelling and laughter yoga exercises.

I had been looking forward to it for weeks. I was still in Egypt and so far on these big Zoom groups my wi fi had been fine.

Sixty people appeared on the screen. The first half hour was going swimmingly but then the wifi goes down. What a stressful time..desperately trying to sort out a hot spot. I would not want to go through that again. It was my debut and felt like I blew it. Everyone was still laughing when I kept in and out of the session. Lesson learnt ..never take wifi for granted in Egypt!!


For week 5 in my online course ‘Spring into Life’ we had an India theme. So we turned up with scarves wound around us etc. It was a lot of fun. We played the ‘guru’ game, had lots of exercises based on India eg ‘making chai ‘laughter and ‘namaste’ greeting laughter. Why not not me on my next course? email for dates.

Nourishing the Inner child

I have started to expand my laughter yoga practice by adding more activities which access our childlike playfulness. I love to play games, sing and dance like I did as a child and so I am starting an online group for four weeks to explore more of this . The group meets an hour a week. We build up peer support by forming laughter buddies who check in with each other during the week. I also give a ‘playwork’ assignment for the week such as watch ‘Laughology’,’share with us something about accessing your childlike playfulness this week’ This group is for anyone wanting more joy. Practices you can use everyday will also be taught.

Childlike playfulness

What fun. We are in week 4 of a 6 week online wee course entitled ‘Spring Into Life’ We have been developing a Laughter Alone PRACTICE,setting up weekly calls with our laughter buddy, lots of laughter yoga exercises, and relaxation plus a host of other good fun stuff.

This week our focus was ‘childlike playfulness’ . So we had nursery songs and rhymes, fairy stories, tongue twisters, dancing, culminating in ‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside’ When we let go we are truly ourselves.The photo above shows me as the baby wizard in a story I wrote called ‘the laughter stealing wizard’

Laughter is the Best Medicine

In these challenging times it helps to try a ‘lighten up’ in ourselves. Don’t you think?

Just waking up and going to bed with a smile [even if its fake’]can help change our disposition.

Why not try it for 40 days.? Set yourself a personal challenge to smile upon awakening and going to bed. What have you got to lose and who knows you may have a lot to gain!!

Let me know your results after 40 days. let me know when you are starting it .


Walking along my local beach in Findhorn I spied this joyful creation in the sand. I find it’s these simple things in life on the everyday can ‘lift’ us and bring a sense of peace and joy.

What brings you everyday simple pleasures of joy ? email me at

Across the globe

Sunday Laugh with Manda regular LY Zoom class at 4pm is always a surprise.Today 4 participants arrived from Hong Kong. I was so delighted to see a full class. I prefer the session to be participatory so everyone’s voice can be heard. So exercises like ‘what has been difficult this week has been ….’ and we all laugh. I stress we are not being cruel but turning around a ‘problem’ into not a problem. That is the power of laughter!!

Online training done!

Just finished the 10 hour laughter leader online training …wow ..some feedback from Alex ‘other skills I learnt was how to improve my interpersonal skills, my own laughter practice…it was life changing’ From Alex also ”excellent, enjoyable, factual, practical,and comprehensive and looking forward to implementing it in my school and club’ Alex and Veronique are below ..Veronique who is sharing ‘Mirror Laughter’ with us.

Loving it!

I am just completing my online laughter yoga leader training. It has been a great few days . I would recommend this wee course for anyone who wants to add to their ‘toolbox’ .You will learn transferable skills such as how to lead a relaxation, how to bring about more laughter in your life, and how to incorporate some laughter exercises within your -work environment. Train with me one of UK’s laughter ambassadors.!! It’s a hands on, very practical course.