Sunday Zoom laugh 4pm

Loving this new Zoom life where people are popping up from over globe and reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years. What I really like about my Zoom meet up is is it’s not all about me. Anyone who has been trained can lead an exercise. This leads to a more varied and dynamic experience. So send me an email for the link.

To coach or not to coach..that is the question

But seriously I have been thinking for a while that I would like an online presence.

I am one of of handful of UK’S Laughter ambassadors

I have trained hundreds of people at being laughter leaders that all the experience I’ve gained could be shared more globally. So the time has come to set up opportunities online so more people can be laughing more readily in their daily lives. If you feel you need more laughter in your life contact me . You will be given a questionnaire relating to how much or how little you laugh at the moment. We will work through a series of laughter exercises, breath practices, gibberish exercises [letting go] and you will be given a daily practice and tasks to fulfil by the end of the week. Goals and intentions will be set . Let’s get the laughter wheels working again.

Laughing when I’m not in the mood

At the moment I have been running a weekly laughter club at a Yoga centre for the last four months. Sometimes when I set off I really am not in the mood for facilitating laughter. But it’s like magic when I start my body laughing my mind follows. By the end of the hour long session ..yes you’ve guessed it I am lighter and brighter. Laughter Yoga is good medicine!

This photo was taken a few days ago showing Belly laughing in groups of 4 with the yogis I was teaching.

Laughter club

Forres community centre is hosting our laughter club. starting wed 3rd april 2pm and it is by donation .

My son Michael and I will be presenting laughter exercises and laughter meditation as well as relaxation. Just turn up!

Puppet laughter

centipedes galore!

Still laughing in the tropics …today doing centipede laughter and at that moment a real life centipede crawls across the yoga hall ! 

Still laughing in the Tropics

Life is but a Dream

Sunglasses laughter in the tropics haha

Nursery School Laughter

Today with 20 participants we re lived our nursery school days in my Laughter YOGA SESSION. We played with skipping ropes, balloons,balls and bubbles..we sang ‘Ring ring a Rosies’,played  sharks ,we dressed in masks, and generally tearing around like toddlers, I finished with a story I wrote entitled ‘The Laughter Stealing Wizard’ in  which everyone participated in . Even though it was written for 8 year olds it appealed to us adult’s inner child and great fun was had by all. Below’s photo shows the Wizard and Queen of the sea .

Laughter in the tropics

Loving my winter home here on Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. Most people are ready to laugh as they are on holiday so everyday cares are left behind.

I have just done a great ly session with 12 lovelies  using the theme of a glitter circus. So everyone has first to deck themselves in glitter and off we zoomed with motorbike laughter off to the circus. All the usual circusy things were done, juggling, fire eating and tightrope laughter.

It’s good to be back here sharing the joy of laughter with so many open folk.