Laughter Yoga Exercises

In the 2 day laughter yoga leader training I pass on the 40 foundation laughter yoga exercises but in reality there are hundreds of laughter yoga exercises. This is because laughter yoga is very creative and often the laughter yoga leaders base their session of laughter yoga exercises around the client group they are working with. Often I also use the seasons as a source for laughter exercises e.g autumn leaf laughter or winter wonderland laughter.
I have broadly broken the laughter exercises in the following groups but this is a movable feast.
Childlike playfulness laughter exercises
e.g mobile phone, bird, laughter cream, elevator and royal to name but a few ..
yogic based laughter exercises
e.g lion, humming, gradient, and calcutta
value based laughter exercises
e.g appreciation, hugging, crying, argument, and shy laughter
voice reinforcement exercises
e.g aloha, one meter, orchestra, lawn mower, and milkshake
themed laughter yoga exercises
e.g household chores, party and airport
laughter exercises done on the floor
e.g centipede, belly, bulls eye and rowing [see photo]

I really like the themed laughter exercises such as household chores, party and airport as they can ‘roll’ into each other in the form of a story. I sometimes do international laughter yoga exercises and use music from different continents with props and materials e.g hawaiian, and spanish . These are really good fun. Another favourite of mine is the party laughter yoga exercises using bubbles, poppers, masks and birthday cake candles.
As you can see really the sky is the limit with laughter yoga exercises as long as the intention is there ..we are all there to create more laughter within ourselves and others. ..when we laugh we change and we change the world changes around us.