centipedes galore!

Still laughing in the tropics …today doing centipede laughter and at that moment a real life centipede crawls across the yoga hall ! 

Still laughing in the Tropics

Life is but a Dream

Sunglasses laughter in the tropics haha

Nursery School Laughter

Today with 20 participants we re lived our nursery school days in my Laughter YOGA SESSION. We played with skipping ropes, balloons,balls and bubbles..we sang ‘Ring ring a Rosies’,played  sharks ,we dressed in masks, and generally tearing around like toddlers, I finished with a story I wrote entitled ‘The Laughter Stealing Wizard’ in  which everyone participated in . Even though it was written for 8 year olds it appealed to us adult’s inner child and great fun was had by all. Below’s photo shows the Wizard and Queen of the sea .

Laughter in the tropics

Loving my winter home here on Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. Most people are ready to laugh as they are on holiday so everyday cares are left behind.

I have just done a great ly session with 12 lovelies  using the theme of a glitter circus. So everyone has first to deck themselves in glitter and off we zoomed with motorbike laughter off to the circus. All the usual circusy things were done, juggling, fire eating and tightrope laughter.

It’s good to be back here sharing the joy of laughter with so many open folk.

how a pencil can add happiness

Just did a wonderful session with elders ..one of whom was 99 years old …we sat and swayed to hawaiian music,laughed when we brushed our hair,laughed at ourselves with pretend mirrors, i showed the power of the pencil held in between smiling lips even when they are eg watching TV, can stimulate the ‘smiling ‘ muscles and proven to release the ‘feel good ‘chemicals ..we did some ‘conscious breathing’ exercises together, and finally with the aid of relaxing music we all did a simple muscle relaxing 10 minutes together . All this was done seated. I was impressed how everyone was willing to have a go and hopefully they took something from the session into their everyday lives .

laugh alone

Today was my apple fast day …in other words no other food intake other than apples …big apples..small apples..green apples…red apples….

i love food so this is a difficult day for me

however through the day when i felt a bit ‘flat’  i would do the ‘haha’ mantra and this lifted me …

so i got through the whole day with apples and ‘hahas’


today i can eat    and it is the ‘yum yum ‘ matra

IMG_1624  x

Laughter Yoga with the elders in Morayshire, Scotland

I am facilitating laughter yoga groups with the Elders around Moray. In the photo I have given out pencils as a key to more joy . Research shows that smiling with the pencil in between the lips can activate the smiling muscles..so even if one is watching the TV with the pencil in place it brings about more joy.

Tropical Laughter Yoga Training

Combine a lovely holiday in Koh Phangan with Laughter Yoga …after the training you can take regular Yoga courses, Tantra Workshops, De tox at Samma Karuna . Samma is one of the most popular Schools on the Island.

Thailand laughter yoga

Wow just returned from an amazing 5 months in Koh Phangan training and running Laughter Yoga classes every week to 20 students .Koh Phangan is full of Yoga schools and De tox centres . I have been running Laughter courses from Samma Karuna..a yoga centre on the beach ..

Laughter Yoga, Samma Karuna