Tropical Laughter Yoga Training

Combine a lovely holiday in Koh Phangan with Laughter Yoga …after the training you can take regular Yoga courses, Tantra Workshops, De tox at Samma Karuna . Samma is one of the most popular Schools on the Island.

Thailand laughter yoga

Wow just returned from an amazing 5 months in Koh Phangan training and running Laughter Yoga classes every week to 20 students .Koh Phangan is full of Yoga schools and De tox centres . I have been running Laughter courses from Samma Karuna..a yoga centre on the beach ..

Laughter Yoga, Samma Karuna

There’s No Place Like HOME

BEEN BACK A MONTH NOW FROM THE tROPICS AND ENJOYING IT ALL ..YES EVEN THE hIGHLAND DRIVING SNOW …looking forward to a World Laughter We/end of laughter on May 5th/6th …lets keep it up ..x

On the Way

Well after a marvellous season out here in s.goa …time to go home ..felt like meeting tribe out here and I,M sure some of us will meet again…sooo much laughing and just mucking about ….I love my life

ahhhh Goaaaahhh

Still here ..still laughing ..still training others to pass on laughing …still breathing ..STILL

trop i cal

settling in to goan tropical lifestyle …relaxing, healthy and fun …running weekly classes and training folk up to be laughter leaders when they appear…come and join me here in balmy s.goa …the warmest seas i have ever swam in …hahah

good goa

sitting here watching the sea roll in and out ..warm balmy breezes ..waiting for a divine breakfast to be served to me ..ahh heaven …join me for the laughter leader training starting 19th nov for a week ..x

Heading for the sun

on train at moment heading down to London out to India tomorrow ..where i will be running laughter trainings in Rishikesh on the banks of holy River Ganga for a month then heading to Goa for the rest of the season till March where will continue to leade laughter clubs and trainings ..
I love my life friends.thanks be to All ..x


Had a wonderful w/end jazz singing ..last night was the highlight and I sang Fever in the Jazz Cafe complete with the yellow feather boa …


World Laughter Relay Record